The Purpose

Dance has remained constant in my life! From the age of 2, I have spoken to it, connected to it, and poured my heart into it. It has always been my life's calling to create a place where I could share and further develop or hone in on that same passion in others. The heART of Dance Cleveland was created to do just that. I am blessed with the opportunity to provide dancers as well as other artists or athletes a space to develop awareness of and care for the whole body. Health coaching and personal training paired with our craft, allow us to be artistically, physically, and holistically sound. The moment I recognized the importance of fitness and food in addition to my strenuous dance schedule, is the moment my purpose became clearer. How could I positively impact and enrich the livelihood of artists/athletes just like me? Whether you are also an actor/actress, a gymnast, makeup artist, cheerleader, culinary chef, ice skater, musician, photographer, or hair stylist (the list goes on), there is a place for you as well within The heART of Dance Cleveland because we all use our bodies on a daily basis to serve others.


In the human body, the heart is one of the most vital organs. It not only pumps blood throughout the body for oxygen and nutrients, but it also gets rid of waste. To me this translates in so many ways to life and having something you are passionate about. We should breath life into our hopes/dreams, provide our bodies with necessary elements to take on that journey, and remove any negativity or wasteful thinking that may deter us in the process. My goal is to provide dance from the heart, health coaching for the heart, and personal training through the heart; hence my creation of the The heART of Dance Cleveland trademark, "Let your heart speak through the ART!" Your heart is your guide, and you are pumping greatness into your future.

This is more than a business for me. It is a purposeful infusion of everything I have experienced, learned, and witnessed to enhance all aspects of artists' proficiency, support, and well being. The ability for me to travel wherever you are (remotely and in person) makes it that much more accessible for your busy schedule. It is my hope that through The heART of Dance Cleveland, I will be able to transform the hearts, bodies, and minds of many! 


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