Who am I?

I am authentically and unapologetically a believer in my ability to align my passion with my gifts and story to make a difference. For someone who struggled with making myself a priority and not always practicing self-care, I have made it my life's mission to create resources and opportunities for others. I find joy in quotes, positive affirmations, and podcasts, and I always choose love over hate! I'm a foodie at heart and a smoothie connoisseur. I focus on doing inner work daily and finding the beauty in saying no. Self-care has become my non-negotiable, and I make it a point to laugh at least once a day. I have a Bachelor's in Radio, Television, and Film from Howard University (an Audio Production concentration) and a Master's from the University of North Texas (a Media Industry Media Studies concentration). I'm a lady of Alpha Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Incorporated, and I worked for seven years in higher education with a large academic retention/student engagement focus for Diversity & Inclusion offices. Dance is my release (has been for over 30 years). I love to write, and family is EVERYTHING!

Why did I create this business?

I read somewhere that God's calling for your life will be something that you struggle with, and that couldn't be more true. I saw a need within myself for better self-care and recognized the same for my family, circle of friends, business owner network, and fellow hardworking women. How can we show up for others if we can't even show up for ourselves?

What if I told you my idea of self-care was a nap, grabbing my favorite meal from my favorite place, and my bi-weekly nail appointment after a long day of work? Now don't get me wrong. I ABSOLUTELY love all three of those things, but self-care means so much more than that. If you're thinking yes, Jessica, same, know that I get you. I was you...tired, anxiety filled, just trying to keep my head above water in my day to day responsibilities, and wanting.needing a break. I let my agitation/mood affect my business and personal life and brought it all home. I wasn't happy, wasn't fulfilled, and wasn't looking forward to doing what I loved because I was continuously putting everyone else before myself. I lost sight of what I wanted, did not like who I was becoming, and desperately needed change! I made the conscious decision to put myself first!

As a Dancer and Teacher,

I have a unique perspective when it comes to discipline, execution, self-motivation, recognizing the constant shift of balance, being able to communicate feelings/emotions, and being in tune with who you are. My certifications in Cecchetti (Grades I - III) and Progressing Ballet Technique have a heavy focus on understanding your body, being in alignment, and pushing past limitations. Dance as it relates to my coaching is a metaphor for juggling your business and life. I utilize my dance background to assist you in a creative way.

As a Fitness Instructor,

(Pure Barre Brecksville Classic and Reform) I come from a place of encouragement and positive energy. I'm known for my attention to detail, challenging workouts, inspirational words, and ability to meet you where you are. I infuse my dance training with your fitness regimen for a true focus on conditioning your body. I also utilize my expertise to provide you with a specialized fitness program based on your accessibility, space, time, and goals. It's not just about providing you with training but creating an impactful and enjoyable experience. Your goals are my goals, and I will celebrate you every step of the way

As a Health Coach,

(certified through PrecisionNutrition) I focus on healthy behavioral change long term. I do not specialize in a quick fix but a sustainable approach. This encompasses many aspects surrounding things like mindful eating, making informed choices for your wellbeing, and creating a healthy balance as it relates to your lifestyle. We will tap into holistic awareness, discuss education surrounding health, and your day to day practices in order to offer proper support. I'm trained in Dialogue Facilitation, Mental Health First Aid, and Sustainable Food Safety.

As a Woman Business Owner,

As a woman business owner, I'm constantly honing my ART (craft), and it's easy to let days, sometimes weeks, go by without taking time for the heart part (my self-care work). I have mastered how to change the way I think about and maximize my time. I don't always have hours to spare, but I make what I do have count. I'm very passionate about sharing what my own self-care journey has taught me in hopes of transforming and enhancing the lives of other women business owners. Self-care should not make you feel like you're being selfish or make you feel guilty. For all you do for everyone else, do something for yourself.

Why work with me?

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