Health coaching is not about dieting or reaching short term goals but developing lasting healthy habits and behaviors. It encompasses many aspects surrounding things like mindful eating, making informed choices for your wellbeing, and creating a healthy balance as it relates to your lifestyle. I not only provide opportunities for you to explore holistic awareness, but I encourage and support your journey along the way. Always taking into account what a sustainable approach looks like, we will discuss education surrounding health and your day to day practices in order to offer the proper support. Anything outside of my scope as a Health Coach will be referred out as I am not a physician or registered dietician.

You have the opportunity to create your own package, and bundled packages are highly encouraged, pairing the health coaching component with dance or personal training. Please note that services are available nationwide through: video chat or phone. Click on the options below in order to learn more about available services.

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Dancers & Other Artists or Athletes

As artists/athletes, we are rigorously honing our crafts, and we often forget to take care of ourselves in the process. The ways in which we view and consume food as well as our environment can either positively or negatively affect us in and outside of our creative spaces. Click here to select your support services!

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Small Groups & Families

Sometimes a journey with family and friends makes it a little easier to hold yourself accountable and ensures the ones you love are also taking the necessary steps toward holistic health. Click here for the opportunity to start that process together.   

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Professional Organizations & Companies

Health and wellness opportunities for artistic professionals are essential when creating a conducive, supportive, and holistic environment. When you feel whole, you can fully give to your work and those around you. Click here to see how I can be of service to your organization or company.

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