The heART of Dance Cleveland #KamronKhanPhotography

Get in tune with your body and the beauty in creating. You will be provided with the space to get lost in the music and converse with the floor. Choose to embrace the story you tell through movement.

Get started on that journey today.

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The heART of Dance Cleveland #KamronKhanPhotography

Becoming the best you can be always starts from the inside out. Learn how to have a healthy relationship with food and how your lifestyle affects your body, energy, and performance.

Build a regimen that compliments your aspirations. Commit to a true focus on body awareness, core stability, flexibility, strength training, and muscle conditioning to further dominate in your field of expertise. 

Welcome to The heART of Dance Cleveland, a traveling program designed to provide dancers as well as other artists or athletes with holistic training and care. Dance + Health Coaching + Personal Training equal a key combination for living a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle while also laying the foundation for a safe, effective, and solid career.   


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The heART of Dance Cleveland

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