I help women business owners incorporate self-care into their daily practice as they navigate the dance between business and life.

You focus on your ART. I'll take care of the heart part!

While you pencil in your clients, don't forget to pencil in yourself! YOUR self-care matters, and when you don't take that into account, here's what can happen:


       You experience burnout

        You are not your best self in business or life

        You lose focus, creativity, and motivation

        You develop bad habits

        You never turn on the out of office sign

        You become overwhelmed

        You forget your why

        You lose who you are as a person

        Stagnation becomes your norm

        You make your own wants/needs last on               your list

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How can my holistic self-care coaching change that?


       You learn how to set clear boundaries for               your work/life balance

        You receive a personalized schedule for                  making YOU time a priority 

        We establish what you want self-care to                  look like for you (for everyone it's different)

        We establish your fitness, health, and                     lifestyle goals

        I create a regimen for your goals and coach           you through each area

        I challenge you to say no to things that do             not serve you

        I provide opportunities for daily self check             ins and reflection

Here are some gentle reminders as we get acquainted:


       Give yourself grace

        Trust the process

        Change takes time

        You choose your energy (positive or                       negative)

        You are worth investing in

        Unplugging should not feel like a luxury but           a part of your routine

        Never feel bad advocating for yourself

        Progress over perfection

        Celebrate the small wins

        Be present



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